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Whether your business is government, municipal or private industry, the need for additional rental equipment is likely to come up. At Vacuum Truck Rentals, we have a fleet of more than 800 pieces of equipment to support your work in the environmental and industrial services industries.

We have many different types of vacuum trucks, excavation equipment, sewer inspection equipment and more to supplement your fleet, handle special projects and to assist with unexpected challenges like natural disasters and environmental accidents. Additionally, we offer multiple types of trailers, tankers, roll-offs, dump trucks, jetters and other specialty equipment.

Since we began business in 1999, we’ve remained committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers backed by a 24/7 service guarantee. Our motto is "Rent from the Best," and our goal is to back that statement up in everything we do.

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Air Machines

An air machine, or air mover, is a very flexible piece of equipment. It's a truck-mounted industrial vacuum loader that can be used for liquids, dry materials, a mixture of wet and dry materials, and sludge.  As long as the material can flow through a six or eight inch hose or tube and has a flash point higher than 150 degrees, an air mover can handle the job.

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Combination sewer cleaners have powerful jetters along with superior vacuum capabilities that efficiently and effectively open clogged sewer lines so that maintenance can be performed. Combination sewer cleaners are also used to clean drainage catch basins and drainage pipes. 

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Hydro Excavation equipment combines high-pressure water with an air vacuum. The water system cuts through the soils, breaks it up, and the vacuum system draws the slurry from the excavation area. The slurry is transferred to the truck’s debris tank. Hydro excavation is a safer option than traditional excavation, especially around sensitive areas like underground utilities, fiber optic cables, etc. 

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High Rail

Hi-Rail Vacuum Trucks are specifically designed for the railroad industry.  Hi-Rails are railroad track and street-ready machines are designed to remove and replace ballast, clean up environmental problems and respond in emergency situations.

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Liquid Ring

Primarily used for reclaiming hydrocarbons, Liquid Ring Vacuum Trucks are industrial vacuum loaders with high vacuum power combined with a liquid ring pump. The unique design makes the liquid ring pump virtually maintenance free and allows for quiet operation. The American Petroleum Institute recommends Liquid Ring Vacuum Trucks for recovering volatile hydrocarbons safely. 

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liquid vac 9.9.21

Liquid Vacuum Trucks are designed for collecting and transporting hazardous and non hazardous liquid and slurries. 

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A roll-off is designed to load, unload and carry an open top dumpster or enclosed container. It's used to transport any type of debris that can be loaded into a container. 

Trailers are often paired with road tractors. 

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SS Liquid Vac

Stainless Steel Liquid Vacuum Trucks are designed to collect, store and transport chemicals with reactive properties (such as acids and bases). The stainless steel tanks make them the most durable and long lasting available on the market.

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Road Tractor

Road tractors are designed to pull a trailer attached by a fifth wheel. Road tractors are most commonly used to transport large loads. Most of our road tractors are equipped with wet kits for hydraulic-operated pumps and trailers. 

Vacuum Truck Rentals also offers several different types of trailers for different applications that can be paired with road tractors. 

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Easement Machine

Easement machines quickly and safely run your jetting hose across large, delicate, or hard-to-navigate areas.

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camera vans 5.18

CCTV Camera Vans are a type of sewer inspection equipment which allow operators to run cameras through difficult to reach plumbing and pipelines without digging or destroying any part of the pipe system. These onboard systems include everything needed on a single truck.

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Blower Vac Truck

DOT Blower Vacuum Truck offers the Hazmat capabilities of a liquid vacuum system with increased loading capacity and up to 1600 CFM. By adding a pusher axle, it becomes a truly versatile code transport truck. A cyclonic secondary allows it to handle wet materials in this type of unit.

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Scrubber Trucks are designed to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that are released into the atmosphere while loading product into the debris tank.  The airflow containing volatiles flows from the debris tank through a surfactant tank where it is "scrubbed" to remove most of the volatiles. The airflow can then be directed through one or two carbon towers to recover even more of the volatiles. The scrubbed airflow then passes through the vacuum pump and muffler before being released to the air.

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Photo of a truck mounted jetter taken in Vacuum Truck Rentals' lot

Truck Mounted Jetter

Truck mounted, high pressure jetting machines are an efficient and cost-effective way to clear blockages and maintain and manage sewer lines. These are designed to be used when wastewater recycling or sewer cleaning with a jet/vac application is not required.

Trailer Mounted Jetter

Trailer mounted jetting systems are a portable and cost-effective solution for your portable sewer maintenance needs.

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Vacuum Trailer

130 BBL Tanker

Vacuum trailers are primarily used to load and transport hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and slurries. 

These are often paired with road tractors which are also available for rent. 

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