Team Bios

Mike Baucom

Mike Baucom (TUSCALOOSA)

Mike Baucom began his career as a diesel mechanic before moving to the role of a shop manager. In 1992, he took a position at Hydro-Vac before assuming a General Manager position. In 2001, he opened a Hydro-Vac location in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he was CVP- Eastern Division Manager and minority shareholder. The company was sold in 2015, and Mike joined Vacuum Truck Rentals in 2014 managing rentals and sales in northern Alabama.

Donald Calhoun


Donald serves the Deer Park, Texas region and brings more than 32 years of experience in the vacuum truck and heavy equipment industry.

He began his career as a mechanic’s assistant and expanded his industry skills as a sales representative for parts and used equipment before transitioning into a role to train others on the operation of vacuum trucks. He continued to develop his role to include General Manager and Regional Manager positions.

Joe Dismukes

Joe Dismukes (SOUTH ALABAMA)

Joe Dismukes has been in the industrial cleaning business for more than 30 years. He was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama and received a business degree from Faulkner State. In 1990, he opened Industrial Cleaning Contractors where he employed 85 people before selling the business in 2015. He has also worked in the hydroblast and vacuum services field. He joined Vacuum Truck Rentals in 2019 and the branch manager of the Mobile area office. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. He is married with two children.

Blake Dixon


After earning his bachelor’s degree in business marketing from Texas A&M University, Blake Dixon started his career in the vacuum truck industry washing trucks before transitioning into the parts department. He then transitioned to an Operations Manager role in the plastics industry before joining Vacuum Truck Rentals. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and chasing waterfowl in the Corpus Christi area.

Glenn Eichler

Glenn Eichler (FLORIDA)

Glenn brings more than 22 years in the vacuum truck and equipment industry and is the General Manager of Lakeland, Florida branch. He started his career in his family’s construction firm before becoming a regional sales manager for a solid waste body manufacture. He later joined the vacuum truck industry as sales manager for Cusco Fabricators before becoming a small business proprietor. He joined Vacuum Truck Rentals in 2016 to open and manage the Florida location.


In his spare time, Glenn enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons traveling to their ice hockey tournaments and football games, salt water fishing, ice hockey, skiing and sport shooting.


Kevin Mitchell (GONZALES, LA)

Kevin Mitchell has been in the vacuum truck industry for over 20 years. He brings experience in the operation and mechanical side of the vacuum equipment. He started his career with Pro Serve, INC as a vacuum truck tech and moved his way up to operator supervisor. He also spent several years working at Master Vac Industrial Services as an operator supervisor. At both these companies, he gained on the job experience on vacuum truck operation and on-site management. In 2009, he transitioned from Vacuum field work to starting his career at Vacuum Truck Rental as a mechanic and moved his way up to service manager and has currently taken the position of branch manager at the Gonzales, LA Branch. On his off-time Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, and fishing.

Les Ingram


With over 26 years of Industrial Cleaning Experience including sales, management and operations, Les Ingram manages both the Virginia and South Carolina branches of Vacuum Truck Rentals. He is deeply committed to bringing the customer the best product for their needs and taking care of them from start to finish whether it’s the nuclear, fossil, chemical and/or environmental services industry. He holds certifications ranging from safety to environmental and equipment.  When he’s not managing two offices, he enjoys camping with his family, hunting and fishing.

PhilMaichle resized

Phil Maichle (DEER PARK, TEXAS)

Phil has over 40 years of experience in the industrial services market. He began his career as a Start Up Engineer and Project Manager with Stone & Webster Engineering where he oversaw construction design verification and preoperational testing of all systems in the Nuclear power generation sector in accordance 10 CFR part 50 regulations and the fossil fuel sector. He also provided project management for long term plant outages overseeing third party contractors as well as plant personnel.  His relationship with worldwide utilities gave him the opportunity to provide third party services to them as an independent contractor providing numerous services in outage/ turnaround activities specializing in industrial vacuum and hydro blasting services in the power generation, petrochemical, marine, pulp & paper industries to name a few. After leaving the contracting industry he began selling and renting heavy equipment as a manufacturer’s representative.  Phil finally found his calling in the rental business and began renting strictly industrial equipment. His experience utilizing this equipment gives him the ability to be a resource for information to customers and work with them as a team member as well as a vendor. He has been with Vacuum Truck Rentals for more than 20 years and is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Jerry Murphy

Jerry Murphy (WEST VIRGINIA)

Jerry started his career in the Industrial vacuum/ waterblast and sandblast service field in 1977. He began as an entry level tech before going into management. He transferred to Louisville, Kentucky in 1992 and has managed several offices across the east and Midwest. After 37 years, he left the industrial service work to join the team at Vacuum Truck Rentals as Manager of the Washington, West Virginia branch. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his horses and camping with his wife and six grandchildren.

Ty Rose


Ty Rose manages the Northeast operations of Vacuum including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and the surrounding region. Ty brings 21 years of experience in the vacuum truck and heavy equipment industries having served in senior leadership positions, sales and technician roles.

He began his career in the sawmill industry before becoming a vacuum truck operator and service technician. He then oversaw vacuum truck rental operations for 10 branches before taking a General Manager position then as a Vice President of Fleet & Vacuum Operations.

Mike Suiter

Mike Suiter (MICHIGAN)

Mike Suiter has been in the vacuum truck sales, rental, service and parts business since 1998. He began his career selling hydraulic tools, vacuum truck parts and supplies, and providing training for Confined Space Entry in the state of Michigan.

Training under industry leaders, Mike developed customer-focused approach to problem solving and service to business owners and operators.  In 2000, began selling vacuum trailers to utility contractors and municipalities, but found that the efficiency of truck mounted vacuum trucks and combination sewer cleaners were better solutions.  Using resources like rental-purchase programs, financing options and product demonstrations, Mike worked with a team to build one of the largest vacuum truck rental fleets in the country.  He has worked with industrial service companies, municipalities, utility owners and contractors, remediation companies and more in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.

He has worked to help to provide solutions to vacuum truck needs and business opportunities to help grow businesses.  In 2011, Mike became a national account representative to some of the country’s largest vacuum truck fleets with a focus on life cycle costing of vacuum trucks, fleet allocation, specification development and training.  During his time working with national accounts, Mike also managed a sales team in Canada, developed an inside sales team to support more than 25 sales professionals and focused on key accounts in Michigan.

In 2017, Mike joined Vacuum Truck Rentals as the General Manager of the Michigan office.  Since joining VTR, Mike has continued his work with national accounts, developing sales programs and tools, and driving rental activity in Michigan.  Mike is married to his wife and childhood sweetheart, has two sons and a crazy German Shorthaired Pointer named Drew.  In his spare time, he enjoys coaching, playing tennis and listening to Southern rock and blues.  If you ever need to buy, sell or rent a vacuum truck, Mike would love to talk to you on the phone or visit in person!

Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson (ILLINOIS)

Eric Wilson brings more than 25 years of experience to Vacuum Truck Rentals. He began his career in the industrial field as a superintendent for an industrial maintenance and cleaning company. He was later promoted to regional manager then to VP of Operations managing 13 states with multiple locations. He oversaw strategic accounts as well as assets and logistics. He spent two years leading an in-house skills assessment and training program in vacuum truck and high-pressure water blasting for over 400 employees.

Eric also owns a farm where he raises beef cattle. He also enjoys hunting and fishing with his children and serves the youth in his community through his church.

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